Lifestyles Holidays Vacation Club members say that although Banff is most popularly known as the best place to enjoy winter sports but its surrounding area provides glorious Skiing opportunities in the summer too. The picture perfect town of Banff sits squarely inside a National Park that really makes it stand out in several aspects. You can travel to Banff on a plane or enjoy a cushy motor ride from Vancouver as it is all up to you to decide.

Lifestyles Holidays Vacation Club members state that the town of Banff is on Cascade Mountain, where tourists can enjoy early morning walks and experience its natural splendors that it is endowed with. The prime time to enjoy a hike in Banff is from July to August. Banff is home to elegant shops, museums, tasteful entertainment and delectable international dining. This place has a string of National Parks that straddle either side of the Continental Dive in the Canadian Rockies. Each of the National Parks of Banff are home to different eco- systems and breathtaking sights. Tourist never feel lost in Banff as they can enjoy a stunning peak or vista around every bend.

Lifestyles Holidays Vacation Club says that each of the town in Banff has its own unique attractions like its popular town YoYo, which is home to the most remarkable waterfalls. Kootenay National Park of Banff is the best spot for a hiking adventure among its snow capped mountains. This gives you the opportunity to see the cacti growing in the semi arid area of the Rocky Mountain Trench. And the best thing is that this famous site is even visible from Space too as it is quite a huge break in the earth’s crust.

Lifestyles Holidays Vacation Club know that the tourist will enjoy their vacation in Banff because they will love to discover the Petro-glyphs and the weird rock pillars called Hoodoos. While walking up a Glacier and watching wildlife up close are the boastful experiences that the tourist can never forget when they holiday in Banff.