Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club find Punta Cana to be the best resort town off the coast of the Dominican  Republic, geared towards the roving tourists these resorts offer a secluded beach vacation and a memorable holiday experience. The resorts of Punta Cana offer world- class golf courses beautifully designed, adjacent to the Caribbean coast, offering special spa services like Hot Stone Therapy and healing massages.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club say that most family vacationers like to enjoy a holiday in Punta Cana as they get ample opportunity to enjoy its outdoor adventures along with the fun filled recreational facilities in and around its all-inclusive resorts. Being a seaside resort town Punta Cana also has an Ecological park, Indigenous Eyes, with acres of preserved rainforests teeming with exotic butterflies, birds and marine animals that can be enjoyed from its natural trails.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members recommend the lively nightlife experience to tourists while holidaying in Punta Cana as it has wonderful clubs where tourists get to dance till the wee hours of the morning. Fine dining experiences are a must when you holiday in Punta Cana as you get to enjoy delicious mouthwatering seafood traditions that are cooked in exotic ingredients and are the most favorite culinary experiences that you will never want to miss out. Coco-Lab, the best fine dining restaurant of Punta Cana evokes the perfect blend of the Dominican Culture and its traditional cuisines.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recommends tourist not to miss out a whale watching excursion in Samana Bay which is about three hours from Punta Cana and the best place to enjoy these large whales. Tourists who are interested in enjoying an aerial view of Punta Cana can hop on a helicopter and get to enjoy gorgeous beaches, tropical vegetations and sunken shipwrecks. The adventurous tourists can enjoy exploring the longest underground caves of the Caribbean Cueva, located about two hours from Punta Cana. Tourists get to enjoy cave art, subterranean rivers and giant corridors while most tours also include jungle walks, and horseback rides. But the real thing is that whichever way you want to enjoy a holiday in Punta Cana you need to make advance reservations to enhance your holiday experience more.