Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members can never forget the feel of lush flora and the sight of myriad birds sipping from the refreshing natural pools that are fed by water from overhanging volcanic cliffs. If you find yourself in such a surrounding you are bound to be witness the healing powers of Los Chorros the best spot around El Salvador. Los Chorros consists of a series of spring water pools formed along volcanic cliffs. But what is more fascinating is what everyone refers to as ‘The Devil’s Doorway’ a natural doorway formation at the entrance of the valley framing the beautiful landscape south of Balboa Park.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club also thinks its best that its guests go on a sightseeing tour of El Salvador and get the chance to see the remains of the Colonial heritage by visiting the Palacio Nacional and eating the corn cakes, stuffed with meat and beans and are locally known as Pupusas is a treat that should never be missed. The National Anthropology Museum is a modern purpose built museum that will also take the tourist on a discovery voyage through El Salvador Anthropological and cultural past of the area.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club staff suggests families with children to visit the National Zoo which is really considered the most modern zoo of America. The best part of El Salvador zoo is that the animals live in a habitat that is designed as close to their natural one. The La Laguna Botanical garden is another wonder of the world that should never be missed by people visiting El Salvador since it is the only garden that is located in the crater of an extinct volcano while the local people have worked up beautifying this garden with rare species of local and foreign plants.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club always keeps its guests inspired when they visit the beautiful El Salvador and see what they always wanted to see and do what they always wanted to do. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club suggest that it sure is difficult to describe the beautiful destination around El Salvadoras its beautiful landscapes make you breathless beyond words and so it becomes difficult to describe it in real words. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is always ready to guide you through your vacation so that you can end up with the most unforgettable memories that will be difficult to erase from your imagination.

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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club people recommend El Salvador to be the magical destination that will revitalize you and energize you to start back on your routine life with a new zest in life. So whenever you find the need to relax and enjoy your vacation your first choice can be the beautiful sights and sounds of El Salvador offered by Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.