Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that you need to spend your food money wisely so you will have plenty to spend on activities and other fun extras during your vacation.   There is no need to eat out at an expressive restaurant for every meal.  To cut back on your food spending while on vacation do not eat out at a sit down restaurant no more than once a day.  There are other options for good satisfying food.

Take advantage deals and freebees. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is aware that many hotels offer free breakfast and snacks.  Take full advantage of this.  For lunch, check out a local market or café.  The food is often reasonably priced, good quality and will give you a chance to eat like a local.  For later in the day, look for happy hour deals on appetizers.  Many lounges offer half price appetizers and small plates.

Sliming back on some food does not mean to you need to skimp on every meal, in fact saving on breakfast and lunch might leave a little extra to have a quality meal at a nice restaurant.  Ask at the hotel or other people you might see around town to suggest a good place to eat.  Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that you might find a great spot to eat that you would have never found before.