Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that the most appealing attractions that tourists to Punta Cana enjoy visiting are its white, sandy beaches. Getting through the customs formalities in Punta Cana is much simpler compared to Santa Domingo, and you can follow some simple tips that will help to lessen the chance of any hassle occurring when going through customs. The customs authorities can be quiet picky and you need to be careful to avoid packing sharp objects like knitting needles in your carry-on luggage as they can and most likely will be confiscated. You should pack these items in your checked luggage to avoid any issue. Also, make sure that all your prescribed medications are labeled appropriately, as there is a strict offense to carry drugs in the Dominican Republic that are not yours, and you would not want to get into any trouble over this issue with the customs authorities.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that one of the best things about your vacation in Punta Cana is that most shopping Malls of Punta Cana offer free shuttle services from their establishments to your hotels and back again. This gives you the chance to enjoy a wild shopping spree in Punta Cana without any hassles of worrying about transportation to and from your resort.