Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that some travelers find traveling to be quite frustrating as they arrive crankily and stressed out at their holiday destination. This is because there are certain hassles connected with air travel that are difficult to control like the endless security line, closing down of the airport due to unpredictable weather conditions,  delayed flights, or just obnoxious seatmates. But the good thing is that by pre-planning your travel and taking care of yourself you can stay ahead of the travel curve.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club advises that luggage rules vary by airline so it is always best to check in with the airline that you travel with for the exact specification of your baggage.  Most airlines allow passengers to carry luggage that can fit in the overhead bins above their plane seats. You are not allowed to carry any sharp items, or liquids and gels in air flights. Some airlines even give you the option of choosing a seat via their website and this gives you the opportunity to select the aisle seat for extra legroom and easy access when you are tired of sitting down in long flights and want space move around. You can even choose a window seat if you want to remain undisturbed and enjoy the view.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recommends travelers to wear comfortable clothes and shoes when they travel as their feet might swell during their flight. Airline cabins are dry so drink plenty of water and use a skin moisturizer. Travelers who take long flights should help their body adjust to avoid exhaustion so that they don’t suffer jet lag.