Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club  are a leading holiday spot of the Dominican Republic which ushers new age of extravagance with their Crown Villas that offer the utmost in luxury living. The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club stands out to be a composite resort located at the coast of the island nation of the Dominican Republic and has unveiled the most lavish luxury experience.  The crowning glory of the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club are its beautifully designed and furnished Crown Villas that radiate a true home-castle-away from home experience to its privileged guests. Guests living in these beautiful villas are treated as royalty where the efficient staff members await them on hand and foot.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members state that these Crown Villas are the finest star accommodations of the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club resort that stand out as a fully functional houses offering guests the choice of booking into three, four or seven  bedrooms in order to accommodate large travel groups and expansive families. These beautiful Crown Villas are perched above the glimmering waves of the Caribbean Sea, quaintly secluded in lush gardens among rolling hills, natural beauty and biodiversity.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members know that each of the ninety Crown Villas are designed and expertly placed to maximize the luxury and magnificence of your holiday experience. Designed in traditional Spanish architecture, red- tiled roofs, stucco plaster archways and legendary stone columns really make them stand out. Along each visit tourists get to enjoy its well manicured gardens which are flourishing with bougainvilleas and other tropical flowers. Each villa has its own private swimming pool, comfortable shaded terraces, ready to cook kitchen, a private bathroom for every bedroom and the best stylish wicker and elephant bamboo furniture.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club guests are inspired to enjoy its all inclusive holiday packages that give them access to full meal service with about nine restaurants and two buffets to choose from. They all offer a twenty four seven snack service that ends up satisfying the culinary lovers.