Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, the Dominican Republic based company received huge appreciation from its members when it received 5 nominations at the first annual American Resort Development Association (ARDA) Awards, in the categories of quality food and beverages, attractive consumer targeted brochures, interior designs, sales centers and signage.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club was overwhelmed to receive the award for the best beverage and food program team, especially when it was just the first year of operations for Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. This was not only the first year for the company and its operations but coincidentally the first time such a category had been entered for the ARDA awards.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club’s frequent visitors and members had been noticing steady improvements in resorts and their facilities for quite some time, and the fact that it received 4 other nominations in the same event suggested that it was definitely making the extra mile to satisfy the needs of weary travelers from around the globe.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has always been known for the affordable luxury and comfort that it offers its members in different parts of the world and will always work on taking the benchmark higher.