Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Connects You To A Heavenly Accolade In Cancun

a perfect vacation to Cancun

Traveling to Cancun with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

Cancun the Jewel of Mexico can be your holiday destination this season as Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club suggests  that for decades vacationer have been drawn to this beautiful location Cancun which is the land of ruins and riches, beaches and  snorkeling and has all the exotic flavors of a heavenly  accolade. It sure is one holiday destination that is a blend of natural, cultural and man made attractions that keeps the wandering tourist entranced.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club appraises the beauty of Cancan which is framed by the emerald and turquoise water of the Caribbean. The main city of Cancun is a booming area that is popular for dining and shopping whereas the ecological reserve of Cancun is a haven for nature with a wide collection of Mangroves and beautiful Lagoons.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club suggests that if you are looking for pure Mexican experience you sure need to step away form the fast paced Cancun and travel to its south to Play Del Carmen. Here you can enjoy the cozy nightlife and its rustic charm .The seductive appeal of Cancun’s history and culture with the best of Mexico and the best of Caribbean has made it a one stop destination for tourist looking for a heavenly vacation.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club rave about Cancun’s miles of  lovely beaches , endless luxury accommodation  and the perfect party atmosphere have really transformed  Cancun to become the most popular tourist location.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recommends that the magic and mystery of Cancun makes it to be the perfect destination for tourists who are looking for fun in the sun. Colorful Cancun keeps you mesmerized by its clear as Tequila water and history as old as the Mayan ruins that makes it the perfect holiday destination for couples looking for privacy and luxury.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club tourist looking for Cancun’s natural beauty can view the Great Belize Reef system that surrounds it and enjoy the underwater Cave Diving experience  and explore the Mayan ruins to get connected with the  nature wonders in Cancun. While in Cancun you need to explore its Xplor Eco Park where you get to swim the underground rivers and paddle through its underground caves on a log raft. This is the most amazing and adventurous   experience that you need to enjoy while holidaying in this beautiful location.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Provides Information to Resolve Common Travel Budget Complaints

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club offers tips for travelers to enjoy inexpensive dining options and reduce complaints that result from travel budgets.

the best budget travel tips for fall

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club shares the best travel tips

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic – Traveling families are always on the lookout to save as much money as possible while on vacation. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club comments received from various travel outlets show that the expensive, five-star restaurants that were once a hallmark of a family vacation are becoming less of a priority for the vacationing. Instead, families are now looking for inexpensive, quick options more than ever to keep the family going throughout the day – maximizing their time at attractions, rather than sitting around at a dinner table.

There are a number of alternative options that traveling families can take advantage of while on the road. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has noticed that complaints collected from travelers show that many people negatively associate fast food with being unhealthy. It is true that exclusively eating fast food and exercising little can cause unhealthy side effects. But if a family has been out and about all day, burning calories by hiking, biking, or any other sort of physical activity, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a quick, easy and inexpensive meal from a fast food location.

If a family is totally against stopping at a fast-food destination, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recommends that families pack their own lunches to take with them. One of the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club complaints commonly seen among travelers is that restaurants all over the world do not cater to individuals with specific needs. One family member may be allergic to peanuts, another may be allergic to something else, and there are countless other dietary limitations that a traveler may possess. When a family packs their own meal for a full day of traveling, they do not have to worry about whether a restaurant is capable of catering to their needs. Also, packed lunches are usually inexpensive alternatives to going to a restaurant.

These options just go to show that families need not break the bank by spending money on expensive meals at every stop during their vacation. There are plenty of inexpensive, healthy, and fast options available to families looking to save money while still enjoying a good family meal togetdher. For more information on booking a world-class resort, visit

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Gives You An All-Inclusive Punta Cana Vacation

an adventure to punta cana this fall

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club travelers who appreciate the all-inclusive vacation value, for a vacation deal know, that the Dominican Republic is a great vacation destination, well worth its value and extremely popular with the sun-worshippers. With multiple resort destinations located along the Dominican coast most travelers prefer to stay in Punta Cana resorts as they are lively, modern and offer great golfing and touring options facilities.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that Punt Cana has become populated by Dominicans best resorts mostly all-inclusive. With its beautiful beaches centered between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean offering abundance of snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. Glass bottom boat tours are fun for the ones who don’t like the idea of swimming in these large oceans and prefer to explore its exciting cave and the mangroves in and around the area.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members know that for the beach loving tourists the all inclusive resort are the best accommodating options especially in beautiful Punta Cana where the beaches are absolutely outstanding. The Bavaro Beach of Punta Cana is the best Dominican beach as its waters are tropically calm and great for swimming.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club states that generally all the all-inclusive resorts are located in areas that are well policed and there is nothing to worry about. Taxis are the best transportation option for traveling from one attraction to the other and booking with the best sightseeing tour operators is the best way to enjoy all Dominican attractions.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members know  nearly all Dominican destinations offer great vacation value but to maximize your holiday experience it is important to choose the destination  that suits your dreams and desires. Tourists in search of a premium beach may not be concerned about the restaurants and the nightlife experience in and around their holiday destination. Connecting to the reliable travel clubs will surely work out fine as they design your Dominican vacation package accruing to your style and budget. To enjoy an eco adventure, snorkeling, scuba diving and golf courses of Punta Cana maybe your best bet.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Highlights Essential Vacation Preparation Tips

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reveals some of the most necessary tips travelers can use in order to prepare for an upcoming trip.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reveals some of the most necessary tips travelers can use in order to prepare for an upcoming trip.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that for all those planning a last minute vacation, travelers who do so often have certain requirements about what they need or want, and these can often come back to two important things: time and money. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reveals some of the most essential tips that will help any traveler plan ahead in order to avoid unpleasant trip situations. These things can be easily avoided with the following advice and information, so all those going on a trip soon should take note.

  • Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows there are so many wonderful things to do and see across the globe that making a decision can sometimes be difficult. Many travelers think that deciding which vacation destination would be perfect for the trip before doing research is necessary, but this is not the case. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club shares that a lot of amazing deals can be found for those looking to book a last minute vacation, but aren’t particularly picky about where they are going. So think of a vacation goal instead of a certain place– hiking in the mountains, spending time at the beach or sightseeing at the nation’s landmarks– and try to aim for that rather than a certain destination.
  • Although it might not seem like it, one of the biggest ways a traveler can lose money that could be going towards their trip can be credited to not packing properly. Whether bringing too much, too little, or not securing items, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows these are things that can be easily avoided. In order not to over-pack or forget anything that is needed, be sure to make a list of items that will be needed and check them off as they placed in the suitcase. This will help avoid hefty over weight limit baggage fees or having to purchase a forgotten, but necessary, item.
  • Last but not least, one of the most important aspects of a vacation is money. Sit down and ask what truly can be afforded. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club shares that creating a budget is essential in order to avoid overspending, so create a list of funds for each desired travel category and stick to it.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows these easy travel tips will help anyone prepare for their next vacation. For more information, please visit Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club online at

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Features Four Great Attractions Found in the Dominican Republic

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is highlighting four fantastic attractions that vacation planners heading to the Dominican Republic will not want to miss out on.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is highlighting four fantastic attractions that vacation planners heading to the Dominican Republic will not want to miss out on.

The Dominican Republic is a nation saturated in history, and Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that some travelers heading to the region will want to explore the region’s rich heritage. Luckily these travelers will not need to do much research on their own as Lifestyle Holidays is presenting four of the greatest landmarks that the country has to offer.

Starting at the very beginning of Dominican Republic history, the La Isabela settlement in Puerto Plata was one of the first European settlements in America. On his second voyage to the Americas, Christopher Columbus established La Isabela, naming the settlement after Queen Isabella I of Castile who, along with her husband King Ferdinand, helped financed Columbus’ voyages to the Americas. While La Isabela was eventually abandoned, the remains serve as a reminder for the area’s historical significance.

Another historical site that many travelers will be interested in is Ciudad Colonial in Santo Domingo. Not only is Ciudad Colonial one of the oldest, continually inhabited European settlements in the Americas, but it also contains historic landmarks like Alcazar de Colon, Catedral Primada de America, Fortaleza Ozama, and more. As Spanish influence spread throughout the New World, Ciudad Colonial served as a central hub for Spanish activity and, because of its significance, Ciudad Colonial’s legacy lives on to this day.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club suggests that travelers not miss out on experiencing the Cueva de las Maravillas, found between La Romana and Santo Domingo. The Cueva de las Maravillas are an impressive series of caverns that stretch across 800 meters below ground. The well-lit cavern is partially open to the public to come explore and see for themselves the magnificence of the great stalagmites and stalactites.

The fourth great attraction is the Museo de las Casas Reales, in Santo Domingo. Dating back to the 16th Century, the building was originally built to serve as a home to the Spanish administration in charge of the colonies. In the 1970s the building was opened as a cultural and historical museum, and is now one of the most frequented tourist attractions in Santo Domingo.

When visiting the Dominican Republic this fall, travelers are sure to enjoy these many offerings and make a trip that they will remember for years to come. For more information visit

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Offers Tips to Help Members Avoid Scams While on Vacation

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is a leading provider of luxury vacations, and it is offering its members tips to help them avoid scam attempts while traveling.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is a leading provider of luxury vacations, and it is offering its members tips to help them avoid scam attempts while traveling.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that no one wants or expects to fall victim to a scam while on vacation. Unfortunately, tourists are often marked as easy prey for scammers. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club wants its guests to be aware and alert while traveling. These are just a few common scam attempts that visitors need to be watching for:

Currency Exchange

Unless math comes easy, many travelers find currency rates confusing. There are some merchants and vendors that are counting on this and use it to their advantage. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club encourages people to look closely at bills and receipts and always count change. Many phones have currency converters and using those is a good idea. Usually when questioned, the merchant will claim it was an honest mistake and correct the issue.

Taxi Cab Inflation

In some countries, rates for taxis are not governed. This means that drivers can charge basically whatever they want and no two taxis are alike. This causes several issues that could put a dent in vacationers’ pockets before they even realize it. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club suggests asking about rates prior to getting into any taxicab. If able, research transportation options before arriving at the destination to eliminate surprises. Another trick that is sometimes used by drivers is to take the long way to the target location. Being prepared with a map or a GPS will help ensure tourists aren’t being taken for a ride.

Too Good To Be True

Everyone has heard the saying “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” This is a good rule of thumb to live by when traveling. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club wants its guests to know that street vendors selling name-brand items at a fraction of the regular retail price are often actually selling stolen items or knock-offs.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club wants its guests and all vacationers to enjoy a safe vacation without being a victim, and these tips are sure to help.

For more information visit

Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club Discusses Ways to Enjoy the Beach

Ways to enjoy the beach by LHCV

Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club shares ways to enjoy the beach


When visiting beautiful Cancun,Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Clubencourages vacationers to fully enjoy the many beaches. From there, it is easy to find any number of activities to have fun on the sand or in the water. Travelers have the option of swimming in cool blue waters, snorkeling to explore what lies beneath, surfing the waves, fishing for the perfect catch, and so much more.

There is something for everybody on the beach, even if that means simply relaxing to take in the sights of the area, the sounds of the waves, and the smell of the ocean and sea breeze.

Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club also believes that being prepared on the beach will help ensure a pleasant time. Keeping hydrated and using sunscreen will keep vacationers healthy and happy when enjoying the elements. Nobody wants to be dehydrated or suffer sunburn. By being aware of such practices and putting them into place, vacationers on the beach are sure to have wonderful times and produce memories to cherish for years.

It is really no challenge to have fun on the beach. All it really takes is simple preparations from the traveler to avoid any issues. Whether going alone, with a group, or the entire family, travelers will surely have a great beach experience.

Expert Tips for Travelers from Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that when you are planning the perfect vacation, you want to make sure that every aspect of your trip goes smoothly and perfectly. One of the best ways to ensure that this happens is to plan ahead and implement clever tips that will help you have a great experience. Here are some handy tips to keep in mind when you travel.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Reviews Damajaqua Cascades in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the perfect place for fun and relaxation.

The Dominican Republic is the perfect place for fun and relaxation.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club invites travelers from all around the globe to come to the Dominican Republic and indulge in luxury like they have never before experienced. Spending time at our state of the art facility, enjoying some of the top accommodations around, along with the friendly staff members who attend to your every need with their focus on customer service and satisfaction. Who could ask for more?

The truth is, not only will visitors to the Dominican Republic enjoy these many things, there are a lot of other reasons why travelers from around the world choose this to be their top fall vacation destination. One of these happens to be the Damajaqua Cascades.

Located about 25 minutes from the city of Puerto Plata, and just 45 minutes from Cabarete, this is truly one of the most beautiful landscapes that you might get to view in your lifetime. This famous area is home to 27 different waterfalls, and a small entrance fee in the park covers everything you will need for your journey.

For those who are the most adventurous, the canyoning adventure is the top choice. Visitors will take the hike up the mountain until they reach the top of the falls, and have to work your way back down the river by jumping and sliding through the pools of water. Keep in mind this isn’t for the faint of heart, since some of the falls are taller than 20 feet. However, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that this truly is one of best places to spend time at in the Dominican Republic.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Highlights Trip Packing Tips

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that there are certain items on every traveler’s wish list. Experiencing amazing accommodations and state-of-the-art amenities, along with visiting a resort with the highest regard of customer service are important qualities every traveler strives to make a reality. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club provides this and more to each and every visitor at the resort, and the focus on customer service is something that everyone can benefit. Our efforts have recently expanded even further, adding advice and travel tips that anyone can use.

When it comes to preparing for a trip, every traveler struggles about what should be brought along and whatever should be left at home. The truth is, the easiest way for anyone to get started is by using a packing list. You can write your own, or you can find on online that suits whatever type of trip you are taking, everything from a weekend jaunt to somewhere tropical to a week-long winter stay. There are also lists created by travelers who have visited a certain destination already, so their advice about what to bring is highly credible.

For the actual packing process, there are a couple easy tips anyone can use. For dress shirts, roll up your belt and stick it inside to help keep the collar stiff. Store shoes in a separate bag to avoid tracking dirt, and most importantly, due whatever necessary to avoid exploding shampoo or other liquids.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that by being prepared and packing properly, every traveler can and will have the best vacation experience possible. For more information about our resort, or for other helpful tips, tricks and vacation advice, please visit us at